It is recommended to wash PES branded clothing and accessories following the instructions given here:

Do not bleach

Do not iron

 Use low temperature in the dryer

 Do not dry clean

 Wash at a maximum temperature of 104 F


The correct maintenance of PES garments is however always indicated on the label inside each garment.

Additional information on the correct maintenance of the garments

Regular maintenance of the product will guarantee excellent performance and will prolong its life. Follow the directions to always have a head that matches your performance:

  • It is strongly recommended to remove the purchased garment from its packaging as soon as possible;
  • Never leave wet items in closed areas (for example: sports bags, plastic bags, etc.) because the fabric may become damaged;
  • Use neutral detergents;
  • Do not leave the garments to soak;
  • Do not bleach and do not use fabric softeners. Aggressive detergents or fabric softeners can ruin garments because they are too aggressive for fabric fibers: especially for woven fabrics;
  • Lay the garment flat and dry in the shade;
  • Pay attention to dryer usage because the high temperature can ruin the technical materials;
  • Rubbing with rough materials / fabrics can cause a pilling effect (fabric alteration) which is not to be considered a fabric defect.


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