Dryarn® is an innovative high-performance fiber: light, insulating, resistant and breathable, composed of polypropylene microfibers. The use of Dryarn® in underwear fabrics, sportswear and technical applications guarantees high levels of performance. It is able to keep the body temperature cool in summer and warm in winter, making it suitable 12 months a year. It is also washable in low temperatures and is particularly resistant to dirt: it does not penetrate into the fibers.

The most appreciated quality of this fiber is its lightness. In fact, the same garment made with Dryarn® can weigh:

  • – 32% less compared to the equivalent in wool
  • – 34% less compared to the equivalent polyester garment.

Resistex® Carbon

Resistex® Carbon is a yarn with unique technical characteristics, obtained from the blending of fabric fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon. Technologically, it is one of the most effective yarns in sports because it: is made of special conductive fibers that absorb and disperse the electrical charges accumulated from the external environment or during physical activity; speeds up the process of evaporation of sweat; slows down the formation of moisture on the skin; keeps the temperature constant; and lastly decreases the concentration of lactic acid.


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